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Artificial Turf

Synthetic Turf:
"Now you can own a dog and have a lawn!" Ecoscapes has been installing artificial turf for 6 years. This fast evolving industry is manufacturing a lawn so natural looking, you can't tell the difference. The key to a good installation is the attention to the base of sand and gravel 3" inches deep. Grading and base compaction for drainage are needed to ensure perfect results. Many styles are available. No more watering, rebates from the water company and year round color are just a few of the reasons to choose Artificial Turf.


Themes Include:
Tropical, Mediterranean, Japanese, Cottage, or whatever you want to do. Ecoscapes has the experience to make the best use of space for your Patio without sacrificing Planters or Lawns. We take time to evaluate your lifestyle, take pictures and exact measurements. The finished product (design) is presented to you with an Estimate and any other needed documentation or pictures.


The Removal:
The project always begins with the removal of unwanted landscape features and the pruning of the remaining trees and shrubs. The lawns are sprayed with roundup and allowed to die prior to rototilling. The debris hauled away and we are ready to start the project


Once the outline of the planter is established the landscape is divided into sections of planters and lawns to create Zones. Each Zone is dedicated to one valve and hooked up to an Irrigation Timer. A typical zone will be dedicated to either the lawn or planter, sunny or shady. The sprinkler heads are spaced as needed along the perimeter.


Low Voltage Lights:
Illumination of the features of the landscape can create spectacular effects! Up lights for trees, Path lights along walks or flood lights are installed as needed. We use only top quality brands such as 'FX' or 'Vista'. These lights are backed by a 10 year warranty; the Transformer is made of stainless steel and mounted outside of the house.


Many of the landscape features require wiring, lights, timers or pumps. The electrical needs are well thought out to prevent any problems frequent to outdoor projects. All connections are made to 'code' and weather resistant j-boxes or wire nut connectors are used.


The Greenery:
No landscape is complete without plants and trees. The proper installation of plants and trees is paramount. Addition of amendments to the existing dirt is mixed 50/50 with redwood and fir shavings, plus fertilizer. All areas are rototilled with 1" of amendments added and all plants are backfilled with the same 50/50 mix.


Natural waterfalls, fountains or ponds:
The addition of a water feature is a great idea. A large pond made with a rubber liner or waterfall with concrete, boulders and mortar is a job requiring a lot of experience. Ecoscapes has made beautiful ponds, waterfalls and fountains since 1990. We take every precaution to ensure that your water feature does not leak or splash excessively. Using only the best pumps, filters and skimmers allows for an easy to maintain, beautiful water feature.


Stone and concrete:
A complete landscape includes driveways, walkways, patios and all kinds of natural stone, tile or stamped concrete surfaces. Ecoscapes has the finishers and masons on staff. No subcontractors to disappoint or delay the job. Whether you need a driveway or a stone patio we can do it all.


Fences, decks and arbors or trellis. Ecoscapes has all the tools and experience needed to complete your project. Using wood or the new composite decks or vinyl pergolas we offer quality and experience to complete your project, without using subcontractors.


Grading and drains:
No project can be complete without addressing the drainage of the property. Installing catch basins, drain pipes and sumps to keep the water away from your house and out to the street. No more puddles, mud or rotting stucco to worry about.


Ground covers:
Ground covers: The finishing touch is always the groundcover, flowers and sod. Once the amendments are added and the roller has smoothed the surface the sod is laid and all you have to do is water to enjoy your new lawn. Year round color and durability can be yours with a dwarf fescue sod by Pacific Sod.